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Title Branch Transformation 2016 Conference
Name 관리자2016.12.29 (62120Hit)


Nautilus Hyosung joined the Branch Transformation 2016 Conference which held in London, Dec 6~7, 2016. Around 500 people including not only major european bank customer but also american bank customer joined the conference. Nautilus Hyosung displayed Shin-han Digital Kiosk, MS500SE(TCR) that made customers express lot of interest. Also Nautilus Hyosung made a speech about "New Technology for Self-Service Banking " with Shin-han bank. Many customers expressed intrest about the strategy for operating the banking branch efficently under the situation that banks try to decrease the branch. With the conference, Nautilus Hyosung let the customers understand the technology, experience of the company as a first runner and will keep making an effort for creating bisiniess opportunity with the major european bank.​

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