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MS500 - Teller Cash Recycler

- Introduction
MoniSafe 500A from Nautilus Hyosung provides enhanced
productivity and security for the branch.

By simplifying cash transactions, MoniSafe 500A reduces back office tasks and wait times, improving customer satisfaction and branch
sales performance.


Unsurpassed Usability
With real time visibility of cash levels thanks to the 7” wide touch screen, MoniSafe 500A provides easy and fast transactions.

Dispensing and deposit transactions can be processed for two tellers simultaneously with the aid of indicator lights at the front 


Enhanced Productivity

Advanced cash recycling technology built by Nautilus Hyosung simplifies and accelerates cash transaction, reducing monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Reduced cash balancing time helps tellers to focus on customer service and cross-selling. 


Maximum Protection
MoniSafe 500A offers enhanced banknote authentication, increased sorting capabilities and reduced risk of robbery or potential loss.

The MoniSafe 500A operates with 7 cassettes that are located in a certified safe.

Cash is stored in the cassette rather than in the Roll storage module, thereby significantly reducing cash exposure.

Easy Maintenance
MoniSafe 500A provides Nautilus Hyosung’s unique technologies.
The auto paper jam recovery function prevents a machine from paper jam without human intervention. In the event of an error, the jamming

point will be identified on the LCD display at the front.

The detection of a paper jam can be easily identified through a built-in guidance LED, so that problems can be fixed without support from

specialized personnel.